Benefits of Temazcal


TEMAZCAL or INIPI is a powerful therapy of connection with the earth and a nourishement that awake our ancestral memory. But besides the work for our spirit, this circle of medicine, gives us many physical benefits.

Currently it is known that temazcal stimulates the lymphatic system, it helps to discard toxins when raising the temperature above 40 degrees centigrades the skin becomes a third kidney. The high temperature that we are exposed inside of the temazcal propitiates the sweating of the body, moisturing it by evaporation, so the body-system is self-regulating (sympathetic and parasympathetic system) (homeostasis) Also it accelerates circulation and perspiration further by removing toxins to the maximum, the skin becomes red, an indication of the excessive heat and cold that are expelled, achieving the balance that is required in the body. In this way you sweat more tan performing any type of exercise because during and after the temazcal the body metabolism reaches a rhythm similar to running or swimming for a long time.

It also tones the skin, working by purifying the respiratory tract and digestive system. It tones the nervous system, it helps bones, muscles and gyneco-skeletal problems.

It is an ideal vehicle that transports us to a state of peace and inner tranquility, quieting the mind by experiencing the Heat of the bath and the healing properties that nature gives us through the different medicinal plants used in it.

The temazcal surpasses in benefit and efficiency to the common steam baths, since the person in charge of the temazcal can increase or lower the heat thus adjusting to the specific conditions that the patient requires.

In addition the steam with water is created from herbal teas , herbs that are chosen according to the condition to be treated. The heat must be higher than the normal body temperature to induce perspiration and the high humidity inhibits the evaporation of sweat by normally cooling the body. It is estimated that each liter of sweat that is lost in the temazcal is equivalent to the work done by the kidney in several days.

During an intense session of temazcalli, between 2 and 3 kg of body weight is lost, of which a high proportion is water, approximately 1,500 ml of sweat is lost in the sesión through which the excretion of terminal metabolic products is increased (Toxins) such as uric acid, creatinine, urea, lactic acid, sodium chloride; It also balances the acid-alkaline PH of the blood and contributes to the elimination of heavy metals that are absorbed in modern societies; Such as Zinc, Mercury, Copper, Lead and others. When sweat intensity is low, the concentration of these harmful substances is high.

Water is the ideal conductor of electricity. That is why our body’s electricity manifests itself better where there is water. If we obstruct the functions of the skin, the cellular wastes will obstruct the breathing of the body leaving a dry and lacking energy.

When using cold water inside the temazcal as part of the therapy, the body makes movement of blood volume through the heart, which energetizes circulatory-system(contraindicated in problems of serious heart disease). This is called by Naturists as “blood washing”, by cleaning the blood of impurities, stimulating the sweat glands, circulatory system and improving cardiovascular deficiencies naturally. In fifty minutes of bath it is possible to eliminate a liter of sweat equivalent to a kg of toxins.

The temazcal medically used in conditions related to internal cold has been of great importance especially in the treatment of female disorders. As it heats the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus, it is indicated in infertility, pregnancy, post pregnancy, purification and fluid from breast milk, and to regain firmness of the skin.

Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, said: “Give me a fever and I will cure any disease,” the hyperthermia induced through the temazcal is comparable to a temporary fever state which greatly benefits, since it stimulates the defensive capacity against different types of infections; The high temperatures also facilitate cellular revitalization and repair.

Nowadays science knows that heat increases the functions of each organ and in particular that of the immune system, so we can explain the wise action of the body as the temperature increases (fever) in the presence of certain diseases or infections. The Lymphatic System is one of the responsible for the cleaning and purification of the body, of great importance for its purifying action for the human body.

The temazcal stimulates the glandular system, particularly the pineal and pituitary glands which are known as the master glands, since they govern the glandular activity of the whole body, as the thyroid, adrenal, hormonal, sexual, etc.

The steam that is produced inside the temazcal when water is sprayed on the red volcanic stones creates a significant amount of negative charge ozone that combined with the action of shaking of bouquet of aromatic leaves with alkaloids and their essences provide ionizing energy.

Science has discovered important therapeutic uses of ozone its germicidal action that inside the temazcal acts as a potent natural antibiotic.

The high presence of negative ions exerts reactions in the body causes that the aura (electromagnetic bio-structurant) expands and manifestes radiation in all the functions of the body including those of the brain. The aura is the one that directs the construction of the body in which we live and it keeps it working. The temazcal therapy allows and encourages this auric intelligence regeneration of the body.

The electric field runs through all the cells, organs and the entire nervous system, stimulating all the physiological functions and metabolism; If the electric field is too weak, it manifests itself tired, reluctant and of lack of vitality. This is the main cause of fatigue and numbness.

It is common when you travel in cars, airplanes, trains. The same thing happens when working in an environment with air conditioning or heating. These conditions usually leave people completely exhausted, even if they are sitting behind a desk.

Note: Working in the field, the same hours with a strenuous physical effort, do not present this exhaustion.

Benefits of temazcal

At the end of its work, the difference, the quality of the air, the infrared rays emitted by the hot stones are very useful especially in those conditions where these rays have demonstrated their efficacy and therapeutic benefits. The effects infrared rays are very important and beneficial in the temazcal, it is a treatment alternative of pain, very useful in the suffering of rheumatoid arthritis, rehabilitation of joints, affected by this disease. It also provides great help to people suffering from sciatica, rheumatism and in all conditions where it is required to increase the blood supply. It decreases the rigidity of joints and pain, it improves circulation overall and reduces stress.

Some of the benefits provided by temazcal:

 – Releases premenstrual discomfort

– It helps you lose weight

– Helps eliminate toxins

– It benefits the blood circulation

– It purifies the digestive system

– Desatrofia muscles

– Reduces bone problems

– Filters the airways

– Incite to introspection and reflection

– Severe liver disorders,

– It reduces the size of the cysts in the ovaries,

– Relaxes the nervous system by reducing stress and distress,

– Solves problems of menstrual irregularity,

– Tones the skin

The heating to which the body is subjected during the bath in the therapy of the temazcal, reaching high temperatures produces a series of reactions, among them:

  • it stimulates the circulation
  • Superficial and deep blood
  • accelerates the frequency of the heartbeat by increasing its strength. In addition it generates the action of the mechanisms of thermal regulation and activates the metabolism. It is an effective method to stimulate all internal organs, since when sweating in large quantities. We discard accumulated toxins, it helps in the treatments for obesity being an aid very effective way for losing body fat. It estimulates the basal metabolism activity.
  • Significantly it improves the skin function and kidneys as it stimulates the disposal of toxic substances by opening and activating the pores of the skin.

Therapeutic properties of temazcal

This bath is recommended to remove cold or malignant heats of the body. The majority of the problems associated with the reproductive system of women have to do with the coldness.

There are now many couples who become pregnant by regularly attending the Temazcal.

Traditional midwives used it with pregnant women as a preventive, curative and to take care of the birth, taking advantage of the occasion to accommodate the baby for his good birth. Inside of the temazcal the pregnant woman expands, making the labor of childbirth much easier.

In both the Mexican Republic and Central America, the pre-Hispanic bath with medicinal plants was used in these two events so important in the life of a woman. After the baby birth the woman will be bathed several times with medicinal herbs so that her womb would contract and return to its original state. In this stage the bath is not as hot as it is accustomed. The temazcalera takes care that the heat does not increase more than 40 degrees, in order the baby is born in warmth similar to the environment in temperature, from its mother’s womb. On other hand the matrix is ​​not exposed to both cold. It calms pain, it facilitates the removal of remains placenta and toxins, it stimulates the production and conduction of milk.

Pre-Hispanic bath is not recommended during the period of menstruation, but it is very useful and it is advisable to use it regularly as it is very useful in premenstrual syndrome (pain, irregularity, depression, bloating).

Women have been treated recently and according to medical reports, the cysts on their ovaries were larger than their uterus, after a series of baths in the Temazcal, a considerable reduction of the cyst.

Also temazcal helps in immune disorder, AIDS and cancer: Heat is a means to produce stress protein. This appears by organization of the molecular activity, heat stressor that generates proteins with immunological effect. Thismay help in cancer treatments and other immunological disorders. It is convenient to mention that when the stones are heated, they emit radiant energy or thermal radiation (infrared, ultraviolet). The quantity and quality depends on the temperature reached by the stones. The human body is partially able to absorb the radiation emitted by the hot stones as a mechanism that rules the internal temperature of the organism. Although in more than 40 ° , it does not exceed 38ºC (it cools through sweat). The skin is like a third kidney, where toxins are removed accumulated in the body. People who live in contaminated atmospheres suffer from toxicity. The high temperature stimulates the renewal of the skin, because it favors the desquamation of the superficial layer, while activating the protection against skin infections through the formation of the mantle acid. If you apply aloe vera juice on the body before entering the bath, the results are favorable.

Effects on the nervous system:

It has a relaxing and stimulating effect on the body, it helps to treat stress, insomnia, nervous tensión…. etc. It stimulates the hormonal system.

Effects on the respiratory system: it is used to treat problems such as: flu, bronchitis, emphysema,asthma and sinusitis. It cleans and decongests the nouse and nasal passages uncovering the airways. It also activates irrigation in an impressive way, 7 times more than under normal conditions. Also it increases blood flow, expansion of the lungs and bronchis. It facilitates the expulsion of accumulated toxins, elimination of uric acid and cholesterol; in disease treatments related to circulatory and cardiovascular deficiencies. It helps to correct problems of varicose veins, varicose ulcers, thrombus phlebitis, embolism, numbness of hands and feet, high or low blood pressure, and other circulatory problems.

Effects on the muscular system: In the temazcal the heat penetrates the subcutaneous cellular tissue to the muscle providing relaxation to the muscular-system. It helps to relieve muscular contractions (shrinkage of a muscle), post rigidity, “Plastering”, back pain, muscular atrophy, knee and ankle pain among others. Thanks to the effects of temperature it increases the blood circulation and the Lymph, the production of Leukocytes (white blood cells). It has observed that people who regularly visit these sweat baths and suffer from Chronic or recurrent diseases, they reduce their suffering and recover.

In the temazcal we work and are present the four elements, the earth and the sky. When we enter symbolically into the maternal uterus when we are entering in the temazcal; The fire heat the stones, (the grandmothers), the air, is always present around us and when we add water on the stones the water, this carries the energy for the whole body.

There are theories that are being studied in which they mention that water has the ability to copy and memorize information, when speaking, praying or praying in front of her or putting music it changes its “vibrational” frequency enormously. Our ancestors they worshiped it, greeted it, prayed it, sang it, and offered it offerings.

Indigenous people already give this respectful .

(From the wall of Jakurri)

“Aho !, Mitakuye-oyasin”