Pre-Program Vision Quest 2017



  • 20th Oct Friday : Arrival day
  • 28th Oct Saturday: Ending & Closing



Finca Escuela Monte Los Hibrones s/n. la Higuera Street. Los Blanquitos

38616 Granadilla, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Spain

Airport: Tenerife South (Reina Sofía) is closer to Granadilla

Type of Participants   

  1. A) As a Vision Quest attendant:

A vision quest attendant is the person who chooses to retreat in loneliness in nature fasting for 4 days.

She/he must prepare in advance some weeks or months earlier 365tabacco prayers and the 7 flags of the 7 colors.

In order to know what and how to prepare them, it is required that the attendant contacts to the guide at least 2 months earlier so they can have time to make few things and book their flights and schedule.

We advice the vision quest attendant to encourage a friend to support her/him during the vision quest retreat if it is possible. Bringing someone who *prays for the vision quest attendant while the attendant is in the mountain is really powerful for both persons and of help.

  • *Pray= means keeping a positive attitude in the camping-site. We will guide you how to do it.

B) As a supporter:

A supporter is the person who chooses to stay in the camping-site (Finca School Monte Los Hibrones) to help in all tasks. He/She can help in the kitchen and cleaning,

Also as part of the Vision Quest: It is of great help and with great gifts if you can help keeping the sacred fire in turns, singing songs to the 4 directions, attending the daily temazcals, ceremony of Medicine if so, daily workshops guided by us, training, yoga, massages.…etc.

A supporter can choose how many days She/he wants to stay. However we highly recommend minimum 4days.

  1. Meals included: our cook and baker Dani Milanes from Italy will base our meals on fresh and nutritional receipts with quality products and focused on a conscious healthy dietary.
  1. Accommodation included:

The Finca School Monte Los Hibrones is a Bio-building space which almost 100% of the materials eco-friend with nature and Human.

The Finca-School provides for sleeping a 80m2 cave-room for the attendant in an amazing large and comfortable wooden floor where people and children can sleep.

Also in the surroundings around the house there is space in the land next to fruit and ornamental trees where you can set up your tent if you’d rather sleep outdoor.

-In the spacious kitchen and in the large eating area garden will enjoy our meals.

-There is a two-shower bathroom available and 2 toilets rooms.

-Activities will take part outdoor and others in an indoor-room in the Bio-house or in the cave-room.

Also relaxing areas where to sit down and enjoy with an impressive and extended view of the coast of El Medano y Granadilla, villages and forest.

-Next to our Finca School it is the forest full of pine trees where our vision quest attendants will retreat in solitude surrounded by a quiet and pure place.

-Walking paths that take to other villages as Vilaflor and the volcano Teide is also accessible and well routed.

-The nearest beach (20minutes away) is the famous El Medano. Well knows by its windy sports and alive coast village.

-No noises and a sky full of stars are one of the most valuable treasures we have.

What the supporters do during the Vision Quest in the Camping-site

  1. Daily training and Workshops: They are based for the development of skills, Healings and Virtues. All trainings and workshops will work on yourself in relation with yourself and with the World-relationships.
  • Our aim is reaching a state of permanent Love that it is gotten through a well state of Being, Peace, Release and Empowerment when we cleanse interior rubbish coming from our body, our mind, our thoughts, our emotions, our souls, our education, our experiences, our own darkness, planetary and universal influences.
  1. Daily Yoga included: Yoga with Matias Carbó, Hatha Yoga teacher who we will train mornings and afternoons for 4 days in row. Bring your mat and yoga clothes from home if possible.
  2. Oriental massages included: With Adriana Corujo, massager specialized in Oriental massages, will give a massage for free all the attendants.
  3. Dawns & Sunsets Songs: Everyday as part of the Vision Quest design, we will sing towards the 4 directions in the forest with the rattle and the drum. Please, learn songs and share them with us. Basically they are spiritual songs you can find in youtube.
  4. Therapeutical Yoga: with Adri Noemi, integral Yoga and Pilates teacher, will train us with this new kind of Yoga.
  5. Temazcals: It is an antique way of healing, a very ancestral tradition way based on the Lakota people from North America and Mexico. It depicts on a sweating bath inside of a small wooden igloo with hot stones and water that create a powerful and purifying stream that cleanse in some levels (body, mind, soul and spirit). Here it is a link ready for you in order you read all the benefits. Please click on the link:
  6. Medicine Ceremony San Pedro: The cactus San Pedro or Wachuma is a medicine plant used since 3.000 years ago. It was prescribed by healers when you suffered from alcoholism, drug-addiction, possession, mal de ojo (envy, jealous from others), insomnia, unquietness, conflicts, stomach pains, blockages, stress, sadness, disharmony…etc.

Note: It is required that all attendants have a talk with Ester before taking part in the San Pedro Ceremony. Thanks


(it is only provided after confirmation)

  1. What things the supporters bring:

A mat, a sleeping sack or a blanket, shorts, long bodykerchieves or pareo for men, dresses or skirts for women for sweating in the temazcal, stuff you feel to put on the fire place or the turtle outside the temazcal, only dresses or skirts during the whole retreat for women (not allowed jeans or other sport or leg-trousers) underwear, herbs to offer the fire and the guide: copal, cider, sweet grass, osha….etc. Tents if you stay outside or in case someone else needs one.

  1. Confirmation: before 21 September.
  2. Prices for Supporters: 
  • 1 day all included: 75euros
  • 4-5 days all included: 250euros
  • 6-8days all included: 350euros

          Prices for Vision Quest attendants:

  • 4 days: 250euros
  • 7days: 150euros
  • 9 y 13dias: 150euros
  1. Payments by transfer

           Bank account holder: Daniel Ramos


Bank account number:  2100 6748 8022 0054 7615

Concept: Your Name and Surnames

Send us a message by whatsapp or by email when you transfer. Thanks

If you want to take part, get in touch to send you the program. If you need info, please write us or phone.

  1. Weather in Tenerife 

Fortunately The Canary Islands has got one of the best climates of the world. The mid-October temperature is around 24grades.

Moon Phase

We start our Vision Quest exact on 20 Oct with a New Moon so a good sign and propitious time to close circles and start new ones.

  1. Contact

Tf. +34 620 542 073 (whapps)

Ester Tritania Siverio & Wim Jagtenberg



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